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1. Preamble

Any firm order accepted by our company implies for the buyer adherence to these conditions of sale which are the law of the parties. Consequently in the event of disputes, our conditions cancel all clauses and different stipulations printed on the orders or on buyers’ correspondence.

2. Orders

Orders placed with us are only valid after our written acceptance. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to check upon receipt of our accused, our correct interpretation of his order and to warn us by telegram in case of disagreement. Any cancellation, modification or addition to the initial contract is only valid at the double condition of having been addressed in writing and accepted by us in writing. Ready quantities or during manufacture will be sent to the customer who agrees to take delivery. For the special products our agreement will never be given to requests for cancellations or modification.

3. Force majeure

Are assimilated to force majeure and will constitute, as the case may be, causes termination or suspension of our obligations without recourse to the buyer, accidents affecting the production and storage of our products, carrier failure, fire, flood, machinery breakdown, total or partial strikes, administrative decisions, acts of third parties,
war and any event likely to delay, prevent or render economically exorbitant execution of our commitments.

4. Deliveries, Complaints, Returns

Our delivery times do not constitute a commitment firm unless expressly agreed. The buyer could not rely on a return to cancel the sale or refuse or claim compensation. If the buyer on formal notice from the seller, do not take delivery of the goods, the seller may consider the sale to be resolved, without loss of damage and interest. In the event of successive deliveries, the failure to deliver is without impact on other deliveries. The products are deliverable carriage paid at the agreed place in in any case, the goods travel at the risk and peril of the recipient to whom it belongs in
in the event of damage or failure to make all necessary disputes and to confirm by letter registered with acknowledgment of receipt from the carrier. Complaints about defects apparent or on the non-conformity of the delivered product compared to the ordered product or packing slip, must be made in writing upon receipt of the goods. Except express agreement of our part at the time of the order, our company will not be held, in the event of
delay in delivery, to no damages, indemnities or penalties. No complaints relating to a quality defect will not be taken into consideration beyond a period of fifteen days from the date of shipment of the goods to our stores. All product returns must be the subject of a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. The costs and risks of the return are always at the charge of the purchaser.

5. Packaging

Our prices are for bare goods. Packaging is billed as fair as possible prices and are never taken back..

6. Payment

Our prices vary according to the specificity of each order and cannot be the subject of a pre-established scale; however, the determination of prices is established under conditions exclusive of discrimination. The prices are established exclusive of tax. However, variations or increases in taxes, duties, taxes, customs duties or others, increases in tariffs of transport occurring after the order, will be passed on as of right. It will be the same applies when changing exchange rates for imported goods and necessary for the realization of the product. All taxes, duties, duties or other services to be paid in application of French regulations or those of an importing country or a transit country, are
charge of the purchaser. Our company reserves the right, at any time during the market, to order to the purchaser such payment guarantees as it deems necessary. Invoices are payable at 30 end of month days without discount, regardless of the date of receipt of the invoice. In case of partial shipments, invoices are payable as and when they are produced, without wait for the complete delivery of the order. By express agreement and without formal notice, the non-payment of a contractual deadline automatically entails, in addition to legal costs and legal interest, forfeiture of the term for all of our debts, and, moreover, for the seller:

1) to consider the sale as resolved or to suspend the current sales.

2) to invoice interest on late payments from the initial maturity at the bank base rates in force at the agreed deadline, increased by three points and possibly the VAT The calculation of this penalty will run from the due date until full payment.

7. Retention of title

1) For any sale the price of which is not paid in cash, by agreement expressly, the goods remain the property of our company until full payment of the price. The transfer of ownership takes place for the benefit of the buyer only after full payment of the last deadline.

2) In the event of non-payment, and eight days after a formal notice remained without effect, the sale will be automatically terminated if we wish and we can take back the goods that the buyer will be required to return to us on first request.

3) In the absence of immediate return of the goods, a simple summary order issued by Mr. President of the Commercial Court of ROUBAIX-TOURCOING, to whom the attribution is made of jurisdiction to obtain this restitution.

8. Drawings and Plans

All descriptions, drawings or notices, submitted with our offers are intended for guide the buyer in the choice and use of our products. Nevertheless their interpretation escaping under our control, they cannot engage the responsibility of our company.

9. Attribution of jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is assigned to the Court of ROUBAIX-TOURCOING which will have sole jurisdiction whatever the nature, cause or location of the dispute and whatever the special conditions of sale, even in the event of a warranty claim or more than one defendant.